Baby Judah | Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

Somebody is a wee bit tired.  Meet baby Judah.  This little guy was wide awake when he showed up to the studio for his newborn session.  I was a bit nervous, because he literally was wide awake.  But, little did Judah know that I am a baby whisperer. With a little patience and swaddling, this handsome fella fell asleep and didn’t make a much of a fuss.

Right now, this image is making me yawn.  😉

See, he is wide awake!  And, alert.

Love me some baby feet!

Such sweet parents.  Judah is lucky to have them.  🙂

Fun little set up for Judah.  He is just hard asleep on a little bench.

Come on, isn’t he so sweet and handsome?

Oh yeah!  His parents are big Harry Potter fans.  I just loved this little setup.  Are there any other HP fans out there?  Give this little wizard a shout out.

Gah!  Just loved photographing this little guy!  Thank you to Judah’s parents for choosing Angi Randall Photography for their little man’s newborn photos. I enjoyed capturing these images for them to cherish for a lifetime.  xoxo



Baby Mason | Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

This handsome little man, named Mason, was such a little cuddle bug.  He loved being swaddled.  And, I certainly didn’t mind the cuddles.  Just look at his sweet little face.  I think he wanted to check everything out when he came for his newborn session. 😉


And, shortly after he was swaddled…this is what happened.


His little eyes became heavy, and he went right to sleep.






Thank you for coming by and checking out some of Mason’s newborn pictures.  These were some of his parent’s favorite images.  And, thank you Mason’s parents for choosing Angi Randall Photography.  I had a wonderful time capturing your little one!

Miss “L” | Augusta, WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

I would love to introduce you to Miss “L”.  This little sweetie is debuting her model like skills at six days old.  I think she nailed it!  LOL!

Really, she was such a sweet heart during her whole newborn session.  Here is just a peek into her session.


I think she really liked me taking her portraits.  🙂



I just love all the colors!!  So pretty for such a beautiful little one.



Just look at her little, wittle lips!


Little tootsies!! 🙂


She loves her mama and daddy, can you see that little smile!?!





Miss “L” really makes an adorable sunflower baby!

Thank you so much to Becky and Jason for choosing Angi Randall Photography to capture baby “L’s” newborn portraits.  Enjoy!  xoxo

Baby Taavi | Augusta WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

Meet Taavi.  Such a sweet, sweet baby boy.  He was such a content little guy when he came in for his newborn session.

I mean, just look…he looks so peaceful.


Mama Love.


Proud parents.


Taavi was even content with his eyes open.  That is so rare.  So, I went with it.


And, we are back to sleep.


Thank you so much for visiting Taavi’s blog.  He was such a joy to photograph.  And, thank you to Taavi’s parents for choosing Angi Randall Photography to capture their little guy’s newborn portraits.

Miss Kinsley | Augusta WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

Miss Kinsley was such a sweetie to work with.  There were a few times she wanted to see what was going on, but who wouldn’t want to see what all the fuss was about.  It’s a big deal being an adorable baby during your newborn session. 😉

Just check out her sweet smile here.



See, she wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


Do you want to build a snowman?  Miss Kinsley sure makes a cute snowman.


Pretty in pink.




Thank you for stopping by and checking out Miss Kinsley’s images.  And, thank you to her mama for choosing Angi Randall Photography for her sweet baby girl’s newborn session.  🙂

Noble | Augusta WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

Meet Mr. Noble.  He was such a little peanut.  I couldn’t believe how little he was.  And, that hair.  He had some awesome hair that stood straight up.  It reminded me of my daughter’s hair when she was born.  Noble was a super star for his session.  Hardly made a peep.

Noble-21 Noble-23a Noble-26a Noble-29a Noble-34a Noble-49a Noble-51a Noble-53aThank you to Noble’s mommy and daddy for choosing Angi Randall Photography to capture his newborn portraits.  I enjoyed every minute of his session and I loved all the snuggles too!  xoxo

Baby Quinn | Augusta, WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I would like to introduce you all to baby Quinn. She was such a tiny little peanut, and was so excited to meet her mama that she came two weeks early. She is just precious.

Do you know what I loved about her session? Well, besides all the snuggles. I loved all the handmade items/props that were used. Her Aunt Jody made a quilt for her, her grandma had someone make a crocheted blanket, her mama purchased a handmade hat from their local gift shop (which was a hat I made). And, the hat and the blanket matched perfectly. It was just so wonderful to see all the handmade goodies. It is so heartwarming.

Thank you so much to mama Kristin for choosing me to capture Quinn’s newborn images. God Bless.