Josi 10 Days New | Augusta WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

This little sweetie just stole my heart. Meet Josi, she came to see me at 10 days new to have her newborn images taken. I loved every single minute of it. She was a champion sleeper and her chubby little cheeks are to die for. Oh, and I absolutely love the colors that I used. Typically, you associate the colors orange and blue for little boys. But, oh no, I used those colors for a little girl and I am loving it. I will definitely use this color scheme on more girls. It is all in how you use the colors and/or props. Gah…I can’t get over her images.

Thank you so much Jeni for choosing Angi Randall Photography!! Enjoy the images of your precious little girl. :)

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Baby “B” modeling for YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe

Isn’t Baby “B” just a doll? Today she came in to model a hat and legwarmer set that will be listed in the YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe’s Etsy Store. You know you have to make sure the items fit :)

Baby “B” is all of two months old and such an adorable model to work with. She had such sweet blue eyes and some good chubby cheeks. Her mama said she was on the 96th percentile for her height. She just maybe a tall little princess. I do have to say that she was getting a bit on the tired side towards the end. I am just thinkin’ she was just ready to eat and take a good ol’ nap…lol

You can check more adorable babies at Angi Randall Photography’s website. Always looking forward to the next bundle of joy to visit.

Thank you to Deidra for bringing in her sweet baby girl, and thank you for stopping by. God Bless.

Bentley | 5 Days New


What a handsome little man!?! Don’t you think? WOW…I could have just kept him here at the studio all day. He was such a super sleeper, and if I didn’t have another session I would have kept going :) He really was one of those perfect babies. Even when he opened his eyes he really didn’t fuss. So, yeah…I was a bit spoiled during his newborn session and I loved every minute of it!

Bentley | 5 Days New

Bennett | 7 Days New


I had a sweet little baby boy in the studio today. My first newborn session for the year. He is such a beautiful baby and decided to come into the world nine days past his due date. Can you say “stubborn”. I know, I know…he just didn’t want to leave the nice, safe, warm home he was livin’ in. I really don’t blame him. It is COLD out there!!

Well, here is little Bennett. I could not resist this image of him. He has the cutest, poutiest little face ever. This is the face I received when I took his paci out of his adorable little mouth.

Bennett | 7 Days New

Can’t wait to show his mama and daddy the rest of the images. They are adorable :)

Thank you for stopping by the blog. God Bless.

A Handsome Little Man | Newborn Photography

I can not even begin to tell you how handsome this little man is.  He was such good baby to work with.  He slept like a champ and only woke to feed once.  This little man has an older brother that I had the pleasure of photographing when he was younger, so I was very excited to photograph Grayson.    I have to say thank you to Christy for trusting me again with those important little details that I love to capture.

Here you go…meet Grayson at 6 days new :)


Elodie – 6 Days New

Here is Miss Elodie.  She blessed me with her presence today and she was perfect.  She was such a sleepy little peanut and really, really relaxed.  And, I enjoyed watching her parents swoon over her.  I can tell they are going to be AWESOME parents.  I do have to giggle as she was an explosive little one…TWICE.

Enjoy your sneak peek of this precious little one :)


Stella – 7 Days New

What a bundle of cuteness!?!  Miss Stella’s parents brought her into the studio at seven days new.  She was so petite and perfect.  She did very well during her session once she decided to sleep.  And I love that she let me do one of the hardest poses that is all the rage these days.  I love doing the hands under the chin pose even though a baby can’t really support themselves this way yet.

Here are some of the image from her session.  All crocheted hats in these images are by YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe.