Christopher is ONE | Eau Claire County Childs Photographer

I had the privilege to photograph Christopher as a newborn, and here he is a year later…turning ONE!  How does that happen so fast?  This little guy was happy go lucky during his session.  And, one of his favorite things to do besides helping his mama clean, is to read his books.

Here are a few images from Christopher’s session.





Silly boy!



A sharp dressed lil’ man!




Books are such a wealth of knowledge.  Can you see his deep thoughts?



Such a happy lil’ guy!

Thank you so much to Christopher’s parents for choosing me (Angi Randall Photography) to photograph their little guy as a ONE year old!


Josi 10 Days New | Augusta WI Eau Claire County Newborn Photographer

This little sweetie just stole my heart. Meet Josi, she came to see me at 10 days new to have her newborn images taken. I loved every single minute of it. She was a champion sleeper and her chubby little cheeks are to die for. Oh, and I absolutely love the colors that I used. Typically, you associate the colors orange and blue for little boys. But, oh no, I used those colors for a little girl and I am loving it. I will definitely use this color scheme on more girls. It is all in how you use the colors and/or props. Gah…I can’t get over her images.

Thank you so much Jeni for choosing Angi Randall Photography!! Enjoy the images of your precious little girl. 🙂

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Miss Bella | Many Faces


Miss Bella | Many Faces

Lovely little Bella…isn’t she just so sweet? I loved that she gave me so many fun faces. That is what is just so amazing with babies. All expressions are so genuine. While this little lovely is a happy baby, she was working her serious side for me. She also loved putting her little fingers in her mouth 🙂
I just can’t get over how cute she is!! Thank you for choosing Angi Randall Photography! God Bless.

Safety First

I would like to share a little bit behind the scene here at Angi Randall Photography.  Well, kind of behind the scene.  It really is about the baby’s safety.  The image I am going to share is a popular pose in the newborn portrait industry and is not a pose that a baby would be typically scene doing.  It is more of an artsy pose and really about the skill level of the photographer and how to keep the baby safe.  I have done this pose many times and there are a few factors that are consindered in getting this pose, and let me tell you that not every baby will co-operate.

Anyway…here is the image:

Once I get baby into place, I will always use the parents to help me out and to keep the baby’s head supported.   The hands never go far from baby.  Even if I get lucky and get a baby to balance on it’s own…the parents’ hands are only maybe an inch or two away from the head and parents never take their eyes off the baby.  Once the baby starts moving or losing balance I have the parents put hands back on the head.  And we will be done with the pose.   I would say 98% of the time I am photoshopping arms and hands out.

My number one priority at Angi Randall Photography is to keep the babies I photograph safe.  Babies are delicate and precious and I DO NOT want anything to happen to them.

So, all in all, if you are looking for a newborn photographer…make sure that the photographer you are seeking has experience in photographing newborns and has the safety of your newborn child as a #1 priority.   Not every photographer is cut out to photograph newborns, because newborns take time, patience and skill.   Most of us who specialize in Newborn Photography have gone to classes to teach us some of these skills to work with your special bundle of joy and continue to learn all we can to make sure your newborn stays SAFE.


Boudoir Special 2012

Give your man the gift of LOVE…give him the gift of YOU!!


If you are wanting to give your man in your life a special gift…this is it.  Your special guy will LOVE intimate and sensual images of you.  Call the studio at 715-286-2644 Monday through Thursday from 9am until 5pm.  Boudoir session must be schedules by January 20, 2012 to receive that special gift for Valentine’s Day.