Kelli – Class of 2020 | Augusta WI Senior Photographer

I had photographed this beautiful senior back in June. It has been a crazy summer and I am NOW just getting to sharing her senior portraits now. I have known this amazing young lady since she was in elementary school. And, poof! Now she is a high school senior.

We had such a fun time. We started her session at the studio and then headed to Dells Mill. From Dells Mill we went into Augusta and then to Schultz Farm in Eleva. And, all she wanted was to have pictures taken with baby goats. While we were there we didn’t see the baby goats, and Kelli was a little sad about this because she just wanted some images with the baby goats. But, then…at the very end, the lady that was working there asked Kelli if she would like pictures with the baby goat. Man, did her face light up when that baby goat made it’s way into her hands. I have never seen someone grin so wide…and, all was better. 😉

Thank you Kelli for choosing Angi Randall Photography for your high school senior portraits.

Chloe’e | Class of 2013

Here is a little sneak peek of Chloe’e.  Chloe’e is a senior at Stanley-Boyd High and will graduate with the Class of 2013.  We  had such a beautiful day to photograph her senior portraits.  I love when it gets hot right after you have finished, but remains warm during the session.  It has been a hot summer, so to catch a break with nice weather and a beautiful high school senior was amazing 🙂

Felt like a little black and white.  Enjoy!!

My Sister Kelly

Last week I went home for a mini vacation.  While I was back at home we set some time to the side to photograph my sister Kelly’s senior portraits.  It was so much fun and I am so glad that I was the one who was able to capture such a huge moment in a high schooler’s life.  We went to a few locations and I also brought some lighting and backdrops to set up a studio type setting.  I wanted her to have it all, I wanted  her to have the best time having her senior portraits done.  I think I captured the very essence of what is really important to her, and that is being a SWIMMER.  She is on the swim team in high school and also swims for the YMCA Stingrays and went to Nationals.  That is a huge deal.

I hope you all enjoy these images of my beautiful sister Kelly.

Senior Rep – Samantha

Meet Samantha.  She is my Senior Rep from Osseo-Fairchild High.  She is too cute.  She requested her dad not be in the studio, so he left the camera room for her mini rep session.  What a nice dad to grant his daughter’s request.

Anyway…you could tell she was a bit shy, but that only resulted in some sweet innocent looks.  I love those looks…all sweet and innocent 🙂

Well, enjoy the little sneak peek of Samantha.

Senior Spokes Models for Class of 2011

To the upcoming Class of 2011…

Angi Randall Photography is looking for Senior Spokes Models for the Class of 2011.   Angi’s Senior Spokes Model Program is a way for high school seniors to earn discounts on their senior portraits, while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images!

What is your role? Well… frankly,  to talk to your friends about Angi Randall Photography.

What is in it for you? Some good stuff, like:

#1) 30 minute test modeling session taken before March 30, 2010.  Bring 3-4 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.
#2) Your required to purchase a 2 1/2 hour Five Star Session at 50% off!
#3) Designer Rep Cards – 50 custom designed cards with your name and image to get you started…Let’s hope you need more!!
#4) Website, Blog, Brochures, & Facebook – are some of the places in which you may appear!
#5) You’ll receive a cool video slideshow and two images to display on your Facebook.
#6) For every rep card redeemed from your friends, you will receive $25 off your final portrait order and your friend will receive $25 toward their session fee. Valid one card per senior, per session.
You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to be a rep. We base our decision on personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate Angi’s style, and can see the difference in our work.
Remember, only a limited number of Angi’s Senior Reps are accepted from each school! If you meet our requirements…sign–up today!

Senior Spokes Model Applications: