Heather | Blue Maternity Gown | Augusta WI Maternity Photographer

Maternity sessions are such a wonderful way to capture that special time during your pregnancy.


Meet Heather.  She is wearing one of my maternity gowns, in blue, that I have available for all my expecting mamas.  Isn’t she beautiful?  If feel like she is glowing.

When I look at these images, I can feel how she adores and loves her unborn baby, and is is so looking forward to meeting her little one.  Those feelings and emotions are a wonderful way to keep the memory alive.  Every time you look at your images…what will you remember?


Breanna | White Maternity Gown | Eau Claire WI Maternity Photographer

Here is one of several gowns that I have in my studio closet for expecting mamas.  I absolutely love use gowns that are simple and timeless.  I have this gown in about five or six colors.


This one, as you can see, is a white maternity gown and is a size medium.  It is stretchy and can fit many sizes.  And, I love how it hugs the body and yet is very modest.  I think it is one of my favorites!

Will be posting another gown tomorrow…same style, different color.


YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe

It has been a busy one for us.  Not only do I own/run Angi Randall Photography, but my sister, Trina,  and I are opening an online store YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe.  There will be crocheted hats and headbands for newborns, which make great newborn photography props; plus, we will be selling card templates for all sorts of occassions.  Those will be introduced at a later time.  Right now we are only on Facebook until we get shop set up.

Here are a couple of images that I have taken using the beautiful hats that were created for YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe.

Three Month Old Twin Boys

This was a first for me…photographing three month old twin boys.  I loved it.  The two sure made the session very interesting 🙂  Grandma came along to help, which was a good thing.  She certainly is a proud grandma and so is mama. You can tell when they look at them babies!!  They were certainly little miracles.

I met the twins’  mom at Target one night when my daughter and I were walking out.  I had seen Mom cooing over a little one in a car seat and I took a quick peek and thought to myself how tiny he was and guessed that he maybe two weeks old.  And when she said he was a twin and they were three months old and came six weeks early, I understood why he was so tiny.  And, I got really excited.  I had to offer to photograph the twin boys for my B/W study that I have in progress.  I am so glad her and her husband accepted my offer.

Well, here is a little sneak peek.  Thank you so much Mama “R”!!

Miss “Z” Models for Me

Little Miss “Z” came in to model a couple of  new products that I received recently.  She is a busy 16 month old on the move.  She was certainly all over the studio, but she was a doll to photograph.

It was so cute when she would dance.  She would wiggle her little bottom to the floor and then up she would come to do a list twist with her hips.

Thank you Sabrina for bringing in your cutie-patootie for me to photograph.  It was a lot of fun!  Hope you enjoy your sneek peek 🙂



Meet Chelsea.  She is a college student here in Eau Claire and is interested in graphic design.  Chelsea has even started her own little graphic design business.  She also does some modeling and would like to pursue modeling more seriously.

I am pleased to help her in pursuing her modeling career.   Thank you Chelsea for choosing me to help start your portfolio.  You truly are a kind person and I love that you can carry so many different expressions.  Most of all I loved that every time that you tried not to smile, because you are a smiley person, that you ended up cracking up every time.  Your awesome.

Thank you again…enjoy the images! 🙂