Before and After Hammock Baby

Today I am posting a before and after image of a baby in a hammock.  I just want EVERYONE to know that I always take every precaution I can to ensure EVERY baby is safe while in my studio.  I also do not do this pose very often.  The only time I do this pose is when a parent tells me they would like this during their newborn’s portrait session and if it is okay to do so.  Of course I am going to please my clients, but I also tell them it may not work if baby isn’t in a very sleepy state.  I will definitely NOT do this pose if baby is awake because they tend to jerk their arms and legs when awake.  And, I will always have hands on the baby at all time.  I do a lot of prep to make sure everything is in place and I take about five images for each composite.  Mainly to make sure I get hands in all different places so I can piece it together.  I am only showing one of the images with the final image to show that I will never leave a baby hanging on its own because that is SO, SO dangerous and very irresponsible.

So, if anyone out there is thinking about doing this type of pose, make sure your photographer ALWAYS puts your baby’s safety FIRST and takes every step to ensure there will be no harm done during the session.  Also be sure to ask those questions to see how they will handle a specific pose to make sure.  Do your homework.   You want your baby to be safe during the whole session.  And, to anyone who is thinking of having me photograph your precious baby…you can guarantee that I will ALWAYS put your newborn’s safety first.  This is what I love to do and wouldn’t do it any other way 🙂

I hope this put things into perspective of what a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER will do for you and you newborn.  Have a Happy and Safe Monday.


Before and After

okay…I deleted an image on Facebook of an image that had shown a baby that was hanging from a pouch by another photographer.  The baby didn’t look safe at all.  I was upset that a photographer would post such an image.  Not sure if she thought it looked cute or what.  All I know is that I wasn’t trying to ridicule the photographer, I was just merely trying to educate the mama’s to be and potential clients to choose wisely when looking for a newborn photographer.
A newborn photographer should have proper training in handling newborns.  Just because the photographer may have children of their own, still doesn’t qualify a person to be a newborn photographer.  If you are looking for a newborn photographer, PLEASE make sure you do your homework and don’t chose someone just because they are cheap.  Make sure your photographer has proper education, experience and has your baby’s safety in mind at all times.  Safety is always first no matter what.  And yes, we all have to start somewhere.  I know that, but hanging a baby with no spotter or the infant looking like it is choking is not safe.  Just make sure SAFETY is in the best interest and that you are the right fit for the photographer you choose.  You get what you pay for.
So, now for a little education.  Here is a before and after shot that I took a couple weeks back.  I rarely do this shot, but every now and then I like to switch it up, or I have a parent ask for this pose.  I had the help of both parents and they were very hands on, and I made sure that they never took their eyes off of their baby.
Any questions, let me know.  Hope this was a useful visual for baby safety.  God Bless.

A Little Touch Up I Do for all Clients | Angi Randall Photography

I just want to show you a little bit of what I do for all my clients.  It will be an image taken straight out of camera with a little bit of touch up and then my final image that I would send to a professional portrait lab (not Walmart, Walgreens, Cosco or even our one hour photo lab that deals with everyone, but a lab that handles only images by professional photographers).  Detail is everything.

So, here is the image I am going to share to show you all what I do for every client of mine.

Safety First

I would like to share a little bit behind the scene here at Angi Randall Photography.  Well, kind of behind the scene.  It really is about the baby’s safety.  The image I am going to share is a popular pose in the newborn portrait industry and is not a pose that a baby would be typically scene doing.  It is more of an artsy pose and really about the skill level of the photographer and how to keep the baby safe.  I have done this pose many times and there are a few factors that are consindered in getting this pose, and let me tell you that not every baby will co-operate.

Anyway…here is the image:

Once I get baby into place, I will always use the parents to help me out and to keep the baby’s head supported.   The hands never go far from baby.  Even if I get lucky and get a baby to balance on it’s own…the parents’ hands are only maybe an inch or two away from the head and parents never take their eyes off the baby.  Once the baby starts moving or losing balance I have the parents put hands back on the head.  And we will be done with the pose.   I would say 98% of the time I am photoshopping arms and hands out.

My number one priority at Angi Randall Photography is to keep the babies I photograph safe.  Babies are delicate and precious and I DO NOT want anything to happen to them.

So, all in all, if you are looking for a newborn photographer…make sure that the photographer you are seeking has experience in photographing newborns and has the safety of your newborn child as a #1 priority.   Not every photographer is cut out to photograph newborns, because newborns take time, patience and skill.   Most of us who specialize in Newborn Photography have gone to classes to teach us some of these skills to work with your special bundle of joy and continue to learn all we can to make sure your newborn stays SAFE.


And You Consider Yourself A Photographer

Okay…I read this article that another fellow photographer posted and shared on her site, and I immediately knew I had to share this article as well.

There are so many new photographers emerging everyday thinking they are professional and can undercharge other photographers in their area.  Well, that is just killing the photography industry and what a professional photographer is .

Read up…you may consider changing your pricing or just stick to it being a hobby…you decide.

Quote from Deb Brown Robinson –  “I think this article is so awesome. I really wish people would take it to heart. Yes, you can have a nice camera and take some great photos. However, don’t devalue professionals who are paying taxes, paying for educations, top of the line gear, networking, business insurance, cpa’s, childcare, marketing etc—all they things that hobbyists are not doing. Then come alone and say “I can do it cheaper since the others are ripping you off. ”  I am sorry if making $5 an hour sounds good to a hobbyist.  But, when you break down the costs…it  is not worth it to me and I want to make a higher wage and a living from my photography work.  You just can’t compare the two and someone who is enjoying “making a little extra” is taking the food off of  someone else’s table.  We don’t pull pricing out of our a**!  We make sure we cover our costs from all of the above and then actually try to get a salary. ”