Before & After | Augusta Wi Eau Claire County Baby Photographer

Today I am sharing a before and after of a composited image of a four month old baby girl. Miss “Z” wasn’t real happy about laying on her back so I had to work quick with a small feeding break in between. She would have rather sat. Yes, sit. A four month old baby who can sit just blew me away. But, I like a little bit of a variety, so I wanted to capture some images on her back with her holding her little tooties. I love baby feet. No, let me say that again…I LOVE BABY FEET!!

Okay, so here is the image I started with…

Don’t you just love her smile and her piggies? I love this image, but I accidentally cut of the bottom part of the trench bowl. I was just so happy that she gave me a smile; because, like I said, she wasn’t happy being on her back…so, I just focused on her quick and pressed the shutter button.

Here is the second image I used:

I used this image to get the bottom part of the trench bowl. And, yes, this image is adorable too 🙂 So, now that I was able to get the bottom of the trench bowl, I still needed more of the flokati rug on the bottom. So, I could either clone more flokati on the bottom, which would be a tight squeeze, or I could take another image and make sure I get enough of the rug on the bottom of the image below the trench bowl. I made the decision to take another image and just use the bottom portion of that image.

Here is the last image I used:

This image was taken just to get enough rug area below the trench bowl. She was done with laying on her back, and I wasn’t going to force her to get “that perfect image” when I knew I could work a little magic in Photoshop. And, like I said earlier, I only needed enough of the rug to complete the image I had in my head.

Okay, now I took the three images and I composited them together in Photoshop. Then, after I composited the three images together, I gave my own custom edit to the image with a levels adjustment and a couple of overlays. Last, I added a canvas-like texture to the image. Ahh…done. Are you ready to see the before and after?
Okay, okay, okay…I will stop lolly-gagging. Here is the composited image and the finished image:

Hope you enjoyed my before and after image. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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