Grayson | Augusta WI Child Photographer

I can not even tell you how fast Grayson’s first year has went by. I remember when his mama brought him in for his newborn session. I remember holding him and thinking how perfect he looked. Don’t you agree? He was such a healthy, bouncing baby boy!


And now, look at him! He is just such a little man. And, has some of the most beautiful blue eyes for a little man. I can’t believe how big he has grown. They do grow so fast. Wouldn’t it be nice to slow time down so they could stay little for just a little while longer?

Now, it is time for cake. I really do love when mama’s bring in a cake for the little ones to smash! It is such a great way to end a one year session. Besides, ONE is a big deal, so why not celebrate with some cake 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to check out Grayson’s blog post. I hope I brought a smile to your face. Please leave some love. I am sure his mama would enjoy it!

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