Baby “B” modeling for YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe

Isn’t Baby “B” just a doll? Today she came in to model a hat and legwarmer set that will be listed in the YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe’s Etsy Store. You know you have to make sure the items fit 🙂

Baby “B” is all of two months old and such an adorable model to work with. She had such sweet blue eyes and some good chubby cheeks. Her mama said she was on the 96th percentile for her height. She just maybe a tall little princess. I do have to say that she was getting a bit on the tired side towards the end. I am just thinkin’ she was just ready to eat and take a good ol’ nap…lol

You can check more adorable babies at Angi Randall Photography’s website. Always looking forward to the next bundle of joy to visit.

Thank you to Deidra for bringing in her sweet baby girl, and thank you for stopping by. God Bless.


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