Bella | 13 Days New

Oh my sweetness.  I had the pleasure of photographing one beautiful little girl yesterday.  She came to me at 13 days old which is a couple days older than I typically photograph newborns, but this little one was sick.  So, I made an exception to photograph her and I am so glad I did.

She was definitley a very alert baby girl.  She just didn’t want to sleep.  Normally I would walk, sway or bounce baby back to sleep, but Miss Bella was a very calm baby when awake so I decided to take this opportunity to photograph her while she was wide-eyed.  I figured if she wasn’t screaming or crossing her eyes, why not!?!  I also was able to get some sleepy images too!!

Here is a sweet image of Bella sportin’ legwarmers and a matching hat that I personally made for her session.  Isn’t she just the cutest!?!


You can find more of my crocheted cuteness on my YarnBabies Boutique & Design Shoppe Facebook Page.  Or you can shop my Etsy Shop (which all Ready To Ship items are 40% OFF).



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