Autumn’s Blanket

So, this post is not photograhy related at all. But, it is something that I love to do and have associated this hobby with my newborn photography.
Crocheting…I love to crochet, and this year I wanted to do something special for my daughter. I want her to have something that she could treasure, something that would and will always make her remember her momma. I wanted to make something that was handmade, personal, just for her. She has a fascination with blankets, and so does my son. At home, you will hardly ever see them withough their blankets. They even have to travel with one of their blankets when we go on vacation or visit Grandpa Chmela. As of to date, my daughter has eight blankets, which is like a blanket every year of her life…lol She has every blanket from the time she was a newborn, and so I decided to crochet her an afghan. I still have my afghan that my mother made me when I was little and still wrap up with it. It is the perfect gift 🙂

A couple of Autumn’s favorite colors are light purple and hot pink. Yep, she is all girl 🙂 I love her for that! Soooo, her afghan was made with light purple, white and hot pink. I love these colors together, and I know that she is definitely going to LOVE her afghan! I can’t wait to give it to her so she can start cuddling with it for years to come.

Here it is…Autumn’s Blanket


Bella | 13 Days New

Oh my sweetness.  I had the pleasure of photographing one beautiful little girl yesterday.  She came to me at 13 days old which is a couple days older than I typically photograph newborns, but this little one was sick.  So, I made an exception to photograph her and I am so glad I did.

She was definitley a very alert baby girl.  She just didn’t want to sleep.  Normally I would walk, sway or bounce baby back to sleep, but Miss Bella was a very calm baby when awake so I decided to take this opportunity to photograph her while she was wide-eyed.  I figured if she wasn’t screaming or crossing her eyes, why not!?!  I also was able to get some sleepy images too!!

Here is a sweet image of Bella sportin’ legwarmers and a matching hat that I personally made for her session.  Isn’t she just the cutest!?!


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Sneak Peek | Walker

Happy Birthday to Walker!! Walker turned a BIG One Years Old!!  I can’t believe how fast time can go in one year.  Walker is such a laid back little guy and loves to smile.  Enjoy the sneak peek along with how big he has grown in one year.

Here he is as a newborn:

Walker (9)

and here he is at ONE:

Such a big boy!!


Thank you to Walker’s mama for letting me capture some precious memories of his first year.  God Bless.