Before and After Hammock Baby

Today I am posting a before and after image of a baby in a hammock.  I just want EVERYONE to know that I always take every precaution I can to ensure EVERY baby is safe while in my studio.  I also do not do this pose very often.  The only time I do this pose is when a parent tells me they would like this during their newborn’s portrait session and if it is okay to do so.  Of course I am going to please my clients, but I also tell them it may not work if baby isn’t in a very sleepy state.  I will definitely NOT do this pose if baby is awake because they tend to jerk their arms and legs when awake.  And, I will always have hands on the baby at all time.  I do a lot of prep to make sure everything is in place and I take about five images for each composite.  Mainly to make sure I get hands in all different places so I can piece it together.  I am only showing one of the images with the final image to show that I will never leave a baby hanging on its own because that is SO, SO dangerous and very irresponsible.

So, if anyone out there is thinking about doing this type of pose, make sure your photographer ALWAYS puts your baby’s safety FIRST and takes every step to ensure there will be no harm done during the session.  Also be sure to ask those questions to see how they will handle a specific pose to make sure.  Do your homework.   You want your baby to be safe during the whole session.  And, to anyone who is thinking of having me photograph your precious baby…you can guarantee that I will ALWAYS put your newborn’s safety first.  This is what I love to do and wouldn’t do it any other way 🙂

I hope this put things into perspective of what a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER will do for you and you newborn.  Have a Happy and Safe Monday.



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