Let It Snow | Angi Randall Photography

It all started with a vision.  This past weekend I spent some time crocheting a little snowman hat and cocoon set.  I was already thinking about how I was going to photograph an upcoming newborn that was born last week and was coming in the studio today for his newborn session.  I was so excited beyond belief, you have no idea.

Then, I have to  say that my original vision for the session was starting to look pretty bleak.  Why?  Well, he had just peed on the only blue blanket that I had and was going to use for this snowman vision of mine.  I was a little bummed, but  I just went on to the next set up I had for him.  Thinking…no biggie.  Well, I then remembered that I had just used a blue paper background for a hammock like scene and a light bulb went off.  So, while I was photographing this little handsome man infront of me, I had my assistant grab the fake snow blanket that I was going to sell, but decided not to (thank goodness), and lay out my blue paper backdrop and my NEW vision for my snowman prop was coming back to life.  I was now excited all over again.  I am funny that way.  And, I must say it turned out absolutely AMAZING.

Check it out for yourself.


Now, isn’t he just the most handsome snowman you have ever seen?


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