Halloween Special & Food Drive | Angi Randall Photography


Who is excited about Halloween?  I know I am.  I love to get my kiddos dressed up and walk the city sidewalks to see all the creative Halloween customes out there.  I also love the excitement of the children going from door to door knowing that they will receive a treat to put in their bag.  Can you say “sugar rush”  LOL!  It is just a lot of fun to see the kids skipping, running and just having fun.  I also love to go home afterwards to a hot cup of hot chocolate 🙂

So, this year Angi Randall Photography is doing something a little different and I am excited to announce it.  I only have 16 spots available, so if you want to bring in your little ghost or goblin, or whatever you decide to dress your child up as, call the studio at 715.286.2644 ASAP.  When the times are gone…they are gone.  Oh yes, they will even get a little bag of treats from me 🙂  Oh the joys of Halloween.



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