A Deserving Family Portrait Giveaway

While I sit here and listen to christmas music, and thinking about what Christmas is about, I can’t help but want to give something from the heart.  Something I truly love and am blessed to have the ability to enjoy what I do.

This is what I would like to do.  I would LOVE to give ONE deserving family a complimentary portrait session along with an 11×14 of their choice.

I know at this time of the year, and Christmas literally around the corner, many families are struggling with finances whether it is because they are unemployed, or a family member may be ill or whatever the reason may be…families just can’t make ends meet.  And, therefore, put having a family portrait on the back burner.  For this, I want to have this “Deserving Family Portrait Giveaway”.

If you know of a family that is deserving, please email me a story of the deserving family to angirandall74@gmail.com and in the Subject line type in “Deserving Family Portrait Giveaway Nomination”.  The deadline for nominations is December 15th, 2011.  After the 15th, my staff and I will choose the family most deserving for our “Deserving Family Portrait Giveaway”.  After the family has been chosen, we will send the family a Gift Certificate from you.  If you want to remain anonymous, just let us know and we won’t put your name on it.

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

1.  You can’t nominate yourself or your family.

2.  You can only nominate a deserving family

3.  Nomination stories need to be emailed to angirandall74@gmail.com with “Deserving Family Portrtait Giveaway Nomination” in subject line.

4.  Nomination stories must be emailed no later than December 15, 2011

With this, I want everyone to really think about what Christmas is really about.  It is not about opening presents or receiving present.  We celebrate Christmas to be with our families, to enjoy one another.  But, most of all, our family celebrates the birth of Christ.  What does Christmas mean to you?

I wish you all the very Merry Christmas this year.


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