Wuethrich Girls going “Old School”

This was such a fun session for me.  Tonia and I had been talking about doing a theme for her three girls’ next photo shoot.  She was talking about how her living room was a darker color and she wanted the images that she were to hang on the wall in a sepia tone.  Well, immediately my brain was thinking vintage and I thought it would be cool to have a vintage typewriter, some books…and thus, a vision was being born.  We talked more through out the summer and decided to include a vintage desk too.  Oh, how excited I was and couldn’t wait until the day we did their session.

On the day that Tonia brought the girls, she had so many goodies in the back of her truck.  It was like Christmas 🙂  Here she had this big wooden box, a vintage school desk, a vintage typewriter, a bookcase, some old books and of course the girls dressed in matching plaid outfits.  EEK!!  Let the set up begin.  The girls did so well, I think we were done in half hour with set up.  If their was more time to play and my kids at daycare, I could have went on.  But, we both had other appointments to tend to.

So, here are some of the images that came about from this vision we both had planned together.  Enjoy!