Raindrops on a Red Lily

Today it started out as a beautiful summer day.  Although we haven’t had rain in a while, the forecast didn’t really predict a good chance of rain.  We so need the rain.  Everything is so dry and the corn fields aren’t looking to perky, and the next seven days are looking pretty nasty for the farmers.  It is to be in the 90’s and it is going to be HUMID.  YUKK!

Well, as I was photographing a newborn today I happened to look out the window and it was raining.  It was a relief…I saw the raindrops falling in the water in the pool and was glad to see it rain.  It was so nice to actually see the rain falling and naturally watering the fields, flowers and the grass.  As I said before, we really needed the rain.  After the session, my daughter happened to pick me a red lily and I thought it would look so nice sitting in the small water puddle as I envisioned the reflection and I knew right then I had to photograph this flower.  But, it had to wait until I came back from my daughter’s swimming lesson.

I did it, I photographed this red lily in the rain and in my studio on the cement floor.  I love the texture of the cement floor in the studio.  I use it for a lot of my product shots.  I absolutely love how these images turned out.  I am by no means a Fine Art photographer, as I specialize in Newborn Photography…but, I love how they turned out for my first time dabbling in a Fine Art Vision.

Enjoy the images 🙂


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