Baby “N”

OMG…I could just totally eat up Baby “N”.  He is such a precious little guy.  He is perfect in every way.  His parents are blessed to have this littel guy around. 

Baby “N” had a bit of a rough start when he entered the world.  The doctor didn’t make it in time, the nurse barely caught Baby “N”.  There was a doctor there that was doing his internship, but never been through a real delivery, so he was a bit clueless.  So much so that when baby “N” was coming out, he had not suctioned the baby’s nose and mouth and he also had the cord wrapped around his neck and the intern didn’t know what to do.   Scary!!!  So, Baby “N” ended up aspirating and spent some time in the NICU, but he is now healthy and free from fluids.

I am so honored to introduce Baby “N”.  Enjoy the images of this sweet little guy 🙂


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