Small Town Music Star

I have now had the privledge to work with Brian Bethke for a second time.  Brian is a very talented singer/song writer and he writes about his personal experiences in his life and what goes on around him…which I think most singer/song writers do, but all have different life experiences.  He resides in and comes from a small mid-western town in Wisconsin.  Brian has been passionate about music all of his life and has been performing where ever and whenever he can get a gig.  From the small amount of time I have known Brian, I know he has a lot of supporters out there.  His family and friends are huge, huge supporters and cheer him on wherever he goes.  And, of course, he gets great support from his fans.  They all make this possible for Brian to live out his dreams and continue his journey in the music world.

Now where do I come in…I have photographed Brian once for his Auburdeen album project and now a second time for another project he is working on.  All this doing is due to a mutual friend Brian and I both know.   Our friend Corey is the one that introduced us when they were working on promotional pieces for his Auburdeen Album release and needed someone to photograph Brian.  That is when Corey gave me a jingle and told me about the project.  I was so in!!  They had already talked about a location they wanted to use and they also knew the  feel or emotion they wanted to portray for the album cover.  So Corey was working as the art director and I was the photographer.  It has been so much fun working together.   This time around I was able to play a little, which was cool.  It is fun to get the creative juices going 🙂  And, I have to say that it is really cool seeing your own work on someone’s CD cover or marketing material they use for events they have coming up.  I hope to continue to work with Brian in his adventures and watch him become that “Small Town Music Star” that everyone is talking about!!

Here are a few images that I shot of Brian recently, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Get a Jumpstart on the Holidays

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Some cute little people

I recently did a short and brief casting call for little ones so I could get my new backdrops and props photographed for new brochures, promos and to freshin’ up my website.  I did get some cuties, I can’t deny that.  The funnest part of my job is to meet all kinds of people and to enjoy all their personalities.

Here are some of my favorites images from the casting call I held. 

I love my job 🙂

Miss “L”

Miss “L” is part of the Baby’s First Year Program here at Angi Randall Photography.  I can’t believe she is already six months old.  Her personality sure is evolving.  I love seeing her smile and giggle, though she can be a bit inquisitive.  Miss “L” loves putting everything and anything in her mouth.  I don’t think we could keep the yarn from the fringe blanket or the  tulle from the tutu out of her mouth for very long.  We did capture quite a few without stuff in her mouth.  So, here are some of my favs from Miss “L” session.