Anniversary Tattoos

A friend of mine from high school Facebooked me one day and asked if I would do a more intimate photography session for her and her husband.  I said, “Sure, of course.”  When I said I would do it, she was telling me that they were getting tattoos for their 15th anniversary.  I thought how cool that was.  And so , I was so pumped to do this session for them.  I just wanted to make sure that they felt comfortable because Kari said she was so nervous to this, but she wanted it done while she “looked good”.  And that is what she told me.   She is a beautiful person inside and out and she makes me laugh!!

I never in a million years thought that my friend Kari, from High School, would have so many tattoos.  Never thought it.  She and her husband both have quite a few and I don’t think they are stopping anytime soon.  I am excited to see how many more they will have done in the next five years.  I have one tattoo and have been thinking about getting another, but I am not sure what I want yet.  It will definitely symbolize my two children though.

I want to share a few images from there session.  I thought they turned out amazing and they both look “REAL GOOD”.  Enjoy and God Bless.

There are a few other really cool images, but they asked me not to post those because they are a bit more intimate and I will not go against my friends (and clients).  I love you guys!!  xoxoxo

The Kids’ First Day of School 2010

This past Tuesday my kiddos started school.  I can not believe that my daughter is in Kindergarten and my son started 3yr old Preschool.  It is absolutely crazy how time flies by so quickly.  I swear I was just celebrating my daughters first birthday not that long ago.  I know time doesn’t stand still like we would like it to during certain moments of our lives.  But, I sure do miss them being babies and having them be all loving and dependant on me for certain things.  Now, we have attitudes that can be cute most of the time, and other times…well, not so cute.  They are growing up and learning new things all the time.  They want to bigger and older than what they are, and all I can think of as I see this is to shake my head and tell them to  just hold on to your youth.  Stay little, have fun.  Don’t worry about growing up.  Life is just going to fly by and that makes me sad in a way.

But, anyway, my kids started school and now I have some peace and quiet for half a day, two days a week.  I feel lost, but yet I have so much to get done.  Ya know…photographing new life, editing children and senior images, preparing orders, packaging orders, housework, and the list goes on and on.  So, I will enjoy the little bit of free time while I am missing my babies at the same time.  So, here are some images of my kiddos on their first day of school.  I can’t help but love them with all I have.

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