Bird Flew Into My Window

Today as I was cleaning my daughters room I heard a big THUNK on the window.  So, I went to see what hit the window.  I looked down and saw this bird in the midst of the tall grass on the side of the house.  Yes, I had to go check to see if the bird was okay.  It was…it was just a bit dazed from flying head on into the window.  It reminds me of the windex commercial were the two birds are daring each other and one of them flies right into the patio window.  🙂

Anyway…so as the bird was dazed, I went into the studio to get my camera.  I was able to capture a few images of the bird before it flew off.  It was so cool that I was just inches from this little bird (I had to pet it too…just like Cinderella…giggle).  Well, here is the bird that tried to take its own life…not really.

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