Newborn Session On-location

I went on-location…for this newborn session I changed it up a bit and went to Brandon & Kristine’s home.  What wonderful first time parents.  They are so caring and Baby “E” is one of the most handsome and cute babies I have ever seen.  His features so adorable, and the little man has some long fingers.  It was so much fun and to use their surrounding made it more homey. 

We had a pretty cloudy and rainy day, but I was still able to use the natural light that was coming in.  Baby “E” was a wee bit hungry when I arrived, so his mama fed him.  After that we got him sleepy and used a small space heater to keep him warm.  He like that and he certainly did not like being cold, but I don’t think anyone likes to be cold.  I did get some “open eye shots” of him, which his mama and daddy were happy about.  They say no one believes them when they tell them that he does have his eyes open during the day.  I guess Baby “E” does like to sleep!!    Well, here are a few images from “E’s” session.

Thank you Brandon & Kristine for letting me come into your home and document this wonderful new chapter in your lives 🙂  God Bless.

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