Senior Rep – McKenzie

Hey all!  I would like for you all to meet McKenzie.  She is the 2011 Senior Rep for Augusta High.

She has a sweet but shy side to her when she is in front of the camera, but you can tell that she likes to be a goof ball.  We had a couple goofy faces she made during her mini rep session.  McKenzie definitely likes to have fun and she is always on the go when she can.  She plays basketball and was recently hired to work at the local Subway Shop here in the small town of Augusta.

Here are some of my favorite images from her session.

Baby “L”

Okay…this baby was my dream baby!!  When her mommy and daddy brought her in she was out like a light.  Could have been from all the commotion from her doctors visit.  But, anyway, I loved it.  They undressed her and she was still sleeping.  So, we were able to capture lots of stuff before she decided she was ready to eat.  She was even so relaxed that when I tried doing my hands under the chin shot, she would just go to one side.  We did however manage to get the image with in a few attempts.  She didn’t even wake up when we were trying this.  This little girl was amazing!  🙂

I think I may have been spoiled with this newborn session, but I won’t complain if  I were to have more sessions like this.  Okay, okay…I know, you want to see some of my favorite images from the session.  So, here ya go…

Senior Rep – Samantha

Meet Samantha.  She is my Senior Rep from Osseo-Fairchild High.  She is too cute.  She requested her dad not be in the studio, so he left the camera room for her mini rep session.  What a nice dad to grant his daughter’s request.

Anyway…you could tell she was a bit shy, but that only resulted in some sweet innocent looks.  I love those looks…all sweet and innocent 🙂

Well, enjoy the little sneak peek of Samantha.