Three Month Old Twin Boys

This was a first for me…photographing three month old twin boys.  I loved it.  The two sure made the session very interesting 🙂  Grandma came along to help, which was a good thing.  She certainly is a proud grandma and so is mama. You can tell when they look at them babies!!  They were certainly little miracles.

I met the twins’  mom at Target one night when my daughter and I were walking out.  I had seen Mom cooing over a little one in a car seat and I took a quick peek and thought to myself how tiny he was and guessed that he maybe two weeks old.  And when she said he was a twin and they were three months old and came six weeks early, I understood why he was so tiny.  And, I got really excited.  I had to offer to photograph the twin boys for my B/W study that I have in progress.  I am so glad her and her husband accepted my offer.

Well, here is a little sneak peek.  Thank you so much Mama “R”!!


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