Three Month Old Twin Boys

This was a first for me…photographing three month old twin boys.  I loved it.  The two sure made the session very interesting 🙂  Grandma came along to help, which was a good thing.  She certainly is a proud grandma and so is mama. You can tell when they look at them babies!!  They were certainly little miracles.

I met the twins’  mom at Target one night when my daughter and I were walking out.  I had seen Mom cooing over a little one in a car seat and I took a quick peek and thought to myself how tiny he was and guessed that he maybe two weeks old.  And when she said he was a twin and they were three months old and came six weeks early, I understood why he was so tiny.  And, I got really excited.  I had to offer to photograph the twin boys for my B/W study that I have in progress.  I am so glad her and her husband accepted my offer.

Well, here is a little sneak peek.  Thank you so much Mama “R”!!

Playin’ catch-up

Well, I haven’t posted anything for a while.  I have been quite busy these past few weeks.  I have been busy with portrait sessions, and then there are the orders, but I have been busy with a marketing campaign for maternity/newborn clients.  So, a lot of  thinkin’ and designing.  It isn’t very easy to do this when you have two children at home!!  I am ready for a mini vacation, but all is good!

Here are a few images from a few of my past sessions.  Enjoy 🙂

Faces of Little Miss “S”

I just photographed this little girl for her 3 month portraits.  She is just such a sweet little girl!  I just wanted to eat her up ;P

She did very well for not napping on the way to the studio, and she was mostly smiles with a few times of wanting to be held and loved by her mama!  There is nothing like mama’s loving.  It probably didn’t help that my hands were a little cold (but our weather is also freezing) and when I would move her with her bare skin…I don’t think she liked that.  BRRR 🙂

Well, enjoy some of the cuteness that I captured for her mama and daddy!!

Justina & Ben

Congratulations to Justina and Ben!!

Ben and Justina came in for maternity portraits.  They are expecting their first born in a couple of days.  I have been told that they are expecting a baby girl and they are very excited.  They already had names picked out way before some would even think.

Ben and Justina light up a room when talking about their little girl that they will soon meet and get to hold very soon!  Super sweet parents to be  🙂

Here is a little peek into their maternity session.

My Sweet Kiddos

Hey there.  I just thought I would share a few Valentine Portraits of my kiddos.  These kiddos can be very sweet when they want to be.   Plus, these kiddos are the ones that gave me the opportunity to start pursuing photography.  They are my forever models and the icing on my cake.

Enjoy the sweet images that I have to share from their Valentine session.