And You Consider Yourself A Photographer

Okay…I read this article that another fellow photographer posted and shared on her site, and I immediately knew I had to share this article as well.

There are so many new photographers emerging everyday thinking they are professional and can undercharge other photographers in their area.  Well, that is just killing the photography industry and what a professional photographer is .

Read up…you may consider changing your pricing or just stick to it being a hobby…you decide.

Quote from Deb Brown Robinson –  “I think this article is so awesome. I really wish people would take it to heart. Yes, you can have a nice camera and take some great photos. However, don’t devalue professionals who are paying taxes, paying for educations, top of the line gear, networking, business insurance, cpa’s, childcare, marketing etc—all they things that hobbyists are not doing. Then come alone and say “I can do it cheaper since the others are ripping you off. ”  I am sorry if making $5 an hour sounds good to a hobbyist.  But, when you break down the costs…it  is not worth it to me and I want to make a higher wage and a living from my photography work.  You just can’t compare the two and someone who is enjoying “making a little extra” is taking the food off of  someone else’s table.  We don’t pull pricing out of our a**!  We make sure we cover our costs from all of the above and then actually try to get a salary. ”


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