And You Consider Yourself A Photographer

Okay…I read this article that another fellow photographer posted and shared on her site, and I immediately knew I had to share this article as well.

There are so many new photographers emerging everyday thinking they are professional and can undercharge other photographers in their area.  Well, that is just killing the photography industry and what a professional photographer is .

Read up…you may consider changing your pricing or just stick to it being a hobby…you decide.

Quote from Deb Brown Robinson –  “I think this article is so awesome. I really wish people would take it to heart. Yes, you can have a nice camera and take some great photos. However, don’t devalue professionals who are paying taxes, paying for educations, top of the line gear, networking, business insurance, cpa’s, childcare, marketing etc—all they things that hobbyists are not doing. Then come alone and say “I can do it cheaper since the others are ripping you off. ”  I am sorry if making $5 an hour sounds good to a hobbyist.  But, when you break down the costs…it  is not worth it to me and I want to make a higher wage and a living from my photography work.  You just can’t compare the two and someone who is enjoying “making a little extra” is taking the food off of  someone else’s table.  We don’t pull pricing out of our a**!  We make sure we cover our costs from all of the above and then actually try to get a salary. ”


Senior Spokes Models for Class of 2011

To the upcoming Class of 2011…

Angi Randall Photography is looking for Senior Spokes Models for the Class of 2011.   Angi’s Senior Spokes Model Program is a way for high school seniors to earn discounts on their senior portraits, while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images!

What is your role? Well… frankly,  to talk to your friends about Angi Randall Photography.

What is in it for you? Some good stuff, like:

#1) 30 minute test modeling session taken before March 30, 2010.  Bring 3-4 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.
#2) Your required to purchase a 2 1/2 hour Five Star Session at 50% off!
#3) Designer Rep Cards – 50 custom designed cards with your name and image to get you started…Let’s hope you need more!!
#4) Website, Blog, Brochures, & Facebook – are some of the places in which you may appear!
#5) You’ll receive a cool video slideshow and two images to display on your Facebook.
#6) For every rep card redeemed from your friends, you will receive $25 off your final portrait order and your friend will receive $25 toward their session fee. Valid one card per senior, per session.
You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to be a rep. We base our decision on personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate Angi’s style, and can see the difference in our work.
Remember, only a limited number of Angi’s Senior Reps are accepted from each school! If you meet our requirements…sign–up today!

Senior Spokes Model Applications:

Nine Month Old “H”

“H” is such a cute little man.  I can not believe how big he become in this short amount of time.

He is in my Baby’s First Year Plan, so I have had the luxury to photograph him since he was in his mama’s belly!  🙂  “H’s” parents are so fun and down to earth.  “H” is definitely their world and they have so much fun with this little guy.    What a great family and such a wonderful little boy.

Enjoy the image of “H”.  God Bless.

Bebe “C”

Oh my goodness…I had the luxury to photograph a precious newborn baby girl.  She was so divine and she did so well.  This was such a fun session for me because ONE, I love newborns and Two, I was able to use a few new props that I had recently purchased.

Bebe “C’s” mommy was such a good trooper…bebe “C” had a few accidents through out the session, but thank goodness for wipes and extra clothes 🙂

Also, Bebe “C’s” auntie from Colorado was able to join the fun.  She was a big help as well.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I “thank you”  for bringing your precious little one to Angi Randall Photography!  It was fun 🙂

Miss “Z” Models for Me

Little Miss “Z” came in to model a couple of  new products that I received recently.  She is a busy 16 month old on the move.  She was certainly all over the studio, but she was a doll to photograph.

It was so cute when she would dance.  She would wiggle her little bottom to the floor and then up she would come to do a list twist with her hips.

Thank you Sabrina for bringing in your cutie-patootie for me to photograph.  It was a lot of fun!  Hope you enjoy your sneek peek 🙂