I wanted to share some recent images that I took of our family dog, Kenya.

I really didn’t know how much she meant to me until I took her to the vets because she just wasn’t acting like herself when they had diagnosed her with Megaesaphogus.    I didn’t think I would cry so hard over any pet, but I did.  I did not want to put Kenya to sleep…she is just too sweet of a dog to be put down and she is only 6 years old.  So, we are trying some meds to help her.  Megaesaphogus is when the esaphogus is enlarged and the muscle that pushes the food down to be digested no longer functions as it normally should.  Thus making the dog vomit his/her food.   Kenya’s seems to be neurological, so there really is no cure for this.  She is on meds to help the food travel down her throat faster, but with that we have to keep her food at a 90 degree angle and make sure she is upright for 15 minutes after she is done eating.

She is one of our family members; and, know I want to include pet photography in my studio (and even on location).  It will be a new adventure, but I believe it to be a fun one!

So, if there is anyone in the Eau Claire County area who would like to have their beloved pet photographed…call Angi at 715-577-4491 to set up an appointment.


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