The Trescher Family

Yarnbabies HatTrescher Family

The Trescher Family brought in Miss “V” when she was just a newborn.  Mommy Trescher decided to do the Newborn Portrait Plan here at Angi Randall Photography because she loved the images she had seen.  So, here we are and Miss “V” is already six months old.  How crazy time flies.

Miss “V” decided she just was not in the mood to have her portraits taken.  And, Daddy Trescher said she was just worried about receiving shots later that afternoon.  That cracked me up, because I thought to myself wouldn’t it be funny if a six month old were to actually be worried about something that was going to happen later in the day.  It struck me funny.  Anyway…we did family portraits and then did some of Lil’ Miss “V” in a hat I had crotcheted.  I love it.  I love how cute it is and I love how cute she is wearing it.

Thank you Trescher family.  I love photographing your family 🙂


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