Brian & Roberta – Engagement Session

I am excited to say that I have now officially done my first engagement session.  It was so much fun and I am glad that Roberta and Brian gave me this chance to create some wonderful portraits of the two of them!  Brian just recently proposed to Roberta and they have a few things figured out already for their wedding!

These two lovebirds were a lot of fun to photograph.  They seemed at ease in front of the camera.  They were very playful, so I guess that is why this session so was so much fun to do!

Thank you Roberta and Brian for giving Angi Randall Photography the opportunity to capture a great and exciting time in your life.

Waugh Family


Meet the Waugh Family.  Don’t they make a beautiful family?  The oldest child was unable to come.  I was hoping to meet her, but something came up and she wasn’t able to come.

Eric’s dad has been our handy man for about five years now.  And when we moved to our new location he helped shape up the studio.  I am so grateful to Eric’s dad.  Then their daughter goes to school with my daughter.   So, it was time to meet the family.  It was nice to put names with faces and to meet one of my daughter’s classmates.

The session was fun even though the two little girls started out shy and wanting to bury their faces in their parents body.  We had grandma dancing with a tail and dad did too!  They were quite entertaining and this time it did make the girls giggle.  The young boy was awesome and very well mannered.  So nice to see that.

Thank you to the Waugh Family for giving me the opportunity to provide them with family memories.

Pongratz Family


This here is the Pongratz (Hinker) Family.  I am so excited that I was able to photograph this family because I went to school with Kari.  We graduated together and in High School we were inseperateable.   And, I also stood up in her wedding.  We had lost touch for a while and now we have found each other again.

High School Reunion, Facebook and good ol’ text messaging has brought us back together.  We went to a Brewer’s Game for Kari’s birhtday and at that game she asked me to photograph her family.  I was so excited!  It meant a lot to me.

Thank you Kari for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family.  I loved seeing everyone  🙂  God Bless.

Lil’ “W”


I had the pleasure of photographing Lil’ “W” while he was in his mama’s womb and then I did his newborn portraits and now this little guy is three months old.  Lil’ “W” is on our Newborn Portrait Plan and I am so excited to see this little guy grow up!

I cannot believe how much he has grown since he was born.  Lil’ “W” is already in nine month clothing.  That is some crazy growing in three months.  WOW!!

Lil’ “W” was a tired little man and didn’t really nap on the long drive to the studio.  Mama did bring some good ol’ bubba’s when he started getting a lil’ cranky.  He is such a handsome little guy!!

Thank you Mindi and Justin for choosing Angi Randall Photography to capture your little guy growing up!!  God Bless.



Meet Chelsea.  She is a college student here in Eau Claire and is interested in graphic design.  Chelsea has even started her own little graphic design business.  She also does some modeling and would like to pursue modeling more seriously.

I am pleased to help her in pursuing her modeling career.   Thank you Chelsea for choosing me to help start your portfolio.  You truly are a kind person and I love that you can carry so many different expressions.  Most of all I loved that every time that you tried not to smile, because you are a smiley person, that you ended up cracking up every time.  Your awesome.

Thank you again…enjoy the images! 🙂